Protect your PBX / Voice Telecommunication Channels against unauthorized usage by Fraudsters

Oculeus-Protect offers:

  • Real-time protection of own voice communication channels against injected fraudulent telecoms voice traffic
  • Service homepage providing status information and graphical reporting about own company/office calling behavior

It is available for:

USD 5 for companies up to 10 employees

USD 25 for companies up to 100 employees

USD 50 for companies greater than 100 employees

USD 100 for Call Centers with 100 Call Center Agents

per month

What it does

Oculeus®-Protect monitors your voice communication channels via live analysis of the call connectivity information of calls executed through your PBX. The service takes LIVE action to DETECT and instantly STOP calls when fraud has been detected. The system isolates irregular patterns, changes in behavior and non-human behavior – or software injected calls. To achieve this, Oculeus®-Protect uses state-of-the-art technologies and artificial intelligence.

Asked Questions

What is PBX Fraud?

The service intercepts and stops telecom fraud that is commonly referred to as PBX Hacking and Toll Fraud. This criminal activity focuses on getting access to modern PBXs and communication networks in order to send calls directed to high cost destinations and premium numbers via these PBXs and communication networks without paying for that traffic. It is frightening that all a fraudster needs to commit this fraud is as simple as hijacking one phone line.


Do I need Fraud Prevention?

Modern PBXs and communication networks are IP-based, which means that they are easily accessible via the Internet and are extremely vulnerable against unauthorized access. Furthermore, once access is achieved, nothing stops fraudulent traffic from being injected. Often, injected traffic is identified after an attack has been completed, which results in high financial damage to the enterprise.

Considering this and the fact that every company is responsible for its own communications, we highly recommend each enterprise to protect itself with adequate measures.

Which steps are required to protect the PBX?

Protection can be assured within three steps

  1. Check our configuration page for information about your PBX
  2. Subscribe to the service
  3. Follow the setup procedures

What is required to install this Protection?

In principle, nothing other than getting your PBX administrator to enter the IP-address of our closest located Cloud-based Oculeus®-Protect service. Once this is done, the service will ask on the first call for an activation code which you receive during service ordering process.

The service works based on the SIP protocol. This is the standard protocol used for managing IP-based voice communications. Modern PBXs, switches and communication networks use this protocol.

How do we protect a PBX?

The service uses behavioral analytics and it does a risk analysis for each call. This risk analysis is based on the learned calling behavior of your company/office. Every call attempt or call that does not match this calling behavior will be investigated further and checked against typical fraud pattern. If a call is identified as a fraudulent call attempt or call, it will not be permitted or stopped immediately.

What the service does not do

The service does not touch the calls themselves or have any impact on their quality. The service focuses purely on the signaling around these calls. As such, it understands in real-time parameters such as, call requests, dialed numbers, when calls start and when calls ends, which allows the service to prevent and drop fraudulent calls.

About Oculeus

We are a market leading software solution provider for the telecommunications service providers worldwide. We provide operation and business service solutions that empower our customers to efficiently and profitably run their businesses. Despite on expertise in fighting telecoms fraud on the operator level, ironically, this did not prevent us from getting hit by telecom fraudsters in December 2017. These fraudsters hijacked one of our internal phone access lines and over a weekend were able to send calls for two days via our PBX through our telecoms provider to remote locations, while generating over €13,000 in damage. We then checked what would have happened if our Anti-Fraud System would have been in place. The damage would have at most €1. Could this type of attack and financial damage happen to your company? Yes, of course it happens! PBX hacking and toll fraud causes damages of about €5 billion each year. This combined with the fact that most telecoms operators themselves are struggling to keep pace with fraudsters, we decided to make our technology available and affordable for every company worldwide.